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ally_syd05's Journal

So i live in Melb, go to Uni and party lots.
Then in the hols go back to my home in the country and work on my racing car, which i will be racing this season, well staring in my dads car so if i smash his car it is ok, just racing Standard saloons. Will post some pics -well evntually.

I have quite a few animals which i adore! There is a pic of my Baby Nilla, a goat, that i bottle feed, somewhere on this site. He is such a mummy's boy, but i spoil him! And then there is my other adoptions lamb (a lamb) and pebbles (another goat).

i am such a huge AFL fan - go the swans, lets not talk about the 06 Grand Final, i will cry!!! Love cricket! Also did TaeKwonDoe last year Victorian champion and Aust championships 2nd!!! 4th the year before! But knees are stuffed, makes it hard when you can't bend down! I'm such an old woman!

Well that is about all of my crazy antics!!